Friday, February 28, 2014

Awesome!! another shirt sponsor!!

   I had never met my soon to be new friend and team member Nazih from Organic Bliss Deli and Bakery; a neighboring business of DMC, where I work.  However, I've had their food and I do know they have the most amazing organic food I've ever tasted.

     Pat, the owner of DMC knows him well and was telling him about the Bike To The Bay and how many of us from DMC were riding in it.  It wasn't long before Pat was telling me about our two new team members, Nazih and Brandon.

     It was overwhelming to see the outward support of this great community.  Of course I made it a point to go to our neighbor and thank Him in person.

     But it didn't stop there; Nazih also offered to be a sponsor for our team shirts and wants to try to sell them to help raise money for our team.  What a great guy!  My entire team is made up of amazing people!  I'm very fortunate to be surrounded by so many wonderful people.  I'm looking forward to many great things to come.

Have a great weekend!!


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