Friday, August 8, 2014

Bike?! What bike??

     Here's one of the most valuable things I discovered while figuring out my new bike; I was focusing way too much on how far and how fast I could go and I missed so much in the process.

       I wouldn't see this on my past rides; sure it might have been there, but all I saw was the speed on my bike computer and all of the scenery I passed was virtually non existent.  If I did catch a glimpse of it I didn't want to slow down and enjoy it let alone take a picture.

     While I wait for my safe brakes I will continue to ride at the pace of a snail, but I think this is a great opportunity to take in the beautiful parks and forget how long it takes to get where I'm going because I'm already there...

       This journey, I discovered, isn't about the bike at all.  It's simply a vessel to help me travel to some places I never imagined and if it eventually becomes more efficient then that's all the better.  

     Do I want my safe brakes??  Absolutely! But until that time, you better believe I'm going to capture every picture I can get my eyes on!  

Have a great weekend!!


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