Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Why would someone with balance and weakness issues not want to be up right?

     I know... several people, myself included, asked the question why I would want a bike that made me lean forward rather than up right.  

     It sure makes sense to the average Joe that it would be more practical to sit up right while riding rather than stretched over my handle bars, but I'm not the average Joe, and what I found out is having one week leg due to MS makes my strong leg fight like crazy to do the work for both of them.  

     When all the weight is distributed on my seat that poor left quad has to do all the work while my behind takes the easy way out.  

     When I'm stretched forward not only is it more aerodynamic but my leg gets the help from my core muscles; and an added bonus is my back side doesn't have all the weight on it so it doesn't get nearly as sore as it did with my up right bike.

     It's funny how one person's perfect is another one's challenge.  I may not have a totally functioning body but with a little improvising I can have the perfect ride.

     This might not be easy right now, but I can't wait until the time comes that I've mastered this thing, and I'm sure one day it'll be a breeze!

Have a great day!


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