Monday, August 18, 2014

University Parks trail isn't what I remembered...

     It had been some time since I had been on the University Parks trail and I made a goal for myself that after 20 miles on my road bike I would need to leave the parks and parking lots and get back on the bike trail.

     I took one last bike ride around the neighborhood and when I was finished my bike computer read just over 20 miles so it was time to get back on the trail.

     It must have been quite a while because this wasn't here before... The west side of the University Parks trail was under construction.

     I started at 10:00 that morning which was later than usual so the humidity was already setting in; I figured I would just ride the west half of the trail and I was half way there when the detour popped up.  The trail wasn't closed so I just needed to go around the corner and follow the detour signs...

     I soon discovered the detour was not one I was up for because this is what I found...

     Being a little wobbly on my bike as it was, I had no intention of sharing a 4 foot wide road with on coming riders and a huge cement barrier on my right.  A game of chicken would be disastrous on my side of the path.

     So I turned around and decided to ride the east loop of the trail.  After that last leg with the construction, this part felt almost like a parking lot.

     I was finally feeling confident on my new bike and I rode it faster than I was ever able to go with my old bike.  My hopes of falling in love with my new road bike someday came sooner than I thought, because that look of panic was gone and back to the smile I had before; when I used to ride with confidence.  

     I'm not saying I'm ready to share the streets with crazy motorists just yet, but for now I'm more than happy to share the trails with fellow bikers:)

Have a great day!!


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