Friday, August 1, 2014

My fair well ride on my old tank.

     Remember Last summer when I was so anxious to try this bike thing??  I was so green and not even sure I could last more than a couple miles on my neighborhood "Comfort" bike.

     This was me on my first so called "bike route", which was actually a path less than a mile long, stretching between Pacesetter Park and Centennial Quarry.  I was so afraid to leave my comfort zone that I would ride that little stretch back and forth numerous times until I reached 8 to 10 miles.  I'll admit it was monotonous but I felt safe.

     Fast forward a year and now I've ridden the whole University Parks trail and back, by myself, the Green Belt Parkway through down town Toledo and the Wabash Cannonball just to name a few... 

 Of course lets not forget the "Bike To The Bay" which was my whole reason for getting on my bike in the first place.

     I can honestly say it's time to graduate to a "big girl" road bike!  Now that I'm getting my serious bike I had to have one last fair well ride on my 35 pound tank.  What better way to have my final send off then to take one last trek on the Green Belt Parkway through down town Toledo and International park. 

    This route is one of the most challenging rides I've encountered; though it isn't the longest.  The hills going under the highway along with stopping and starting through traffic make for a very good test to see what I've learned.

        I absolutely love going under the Craig Street bridge and the interstate highway and seeing the Maumee River from a whole different perspective.

   The wind was brutal on my last ride and I did conquer the hills I once said never again to, but I hope the next time I take this route with a true road bike I can remember what it used to be like and enjoy the scenery all the more.

Have a great weekend!!


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