Wednesday, August 6, 2014

My new bike; baby steps

     Just when I thought I had the bike riding thing figured out, I was finding myself back to ground zero.  Last year I thought I would never get the balance issue mastered because my balance simply walking isn't great, but I eventually managed to overcome it.

     Before long I was able to go faster than I ever believed possible and found myself riding over 20 miles with out batting an eye; but now I need to learn how to balance this new bike all over again.  My old bike had brakes that were no brainers, but these new brakes were very hard to adjust to.  Then the gears have no numbers; I have to remember which way and which brakes do what and concentrate on balancing all at the same time.

    After my last post I had several people encouraging me not to quit and I thank all of you for the vote of confidence.  I heard these are just growing pains, so I also have faith that I'll master this bike too.

     Since I wanted to wipe the slate clean and start over I knew I had to forget about busy streets and bike trails shared by millions of motorists and bikers, and go to a place where it was just me and the road.  The parking lot seemed to be a good place to start and a lot of people agreed with me.

     After I spent some time in that parking lot I felt a little more confident and I wanted to take the next step, so I went to Wildwood Park and as you can see, this road is perfect for starting over.  If I had quit I never would have discovered how beautiful this was.  

     This time I wasn't trembling because I felt like I was one with the road.  I wasn't going very fast but I actually went down a hill without walking it down, and that was something I once took for granted.  

     I didn't go very far at Wildwood either, but I felt like I had made it to another milestone because once again I found myself anxious for the next ride, and I know it will be very soon.

Have a great day!!



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