Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Here's some uncharted territory!!

     So I've biked through down town Toledo, Rossford and several traditional bike trails, but I have to tell you, this was my all time favorite!  Maumee Bay State Park. 

      Now that I'm comfortable riding my road bike I can fully enjoy the beautiful  scenery around me.  It's true that the lake that this great park sits on may not be be good for swimming right now because of the algae, but the park it's self is amazing and the bike trail is very safe.

          When we ventured out of the park a bit we also discovered this sight for sore eyes... Bayshore park.

     I understand this is an awesome place to watch the sun rise, but it was later in the afternoon, so that would have to be another day...

     This was all I managed to capture by photo of about 20 or more deer that passed in front of me.  You very rarely see that on the green belt Parkway trail; a gaggle of geese maybe... a herd of deer... not so much...

     It may have been too late to catch the sun rise but back in the park I did see this; it was as if the sky was opening up and tucking the sun in for a dreamy night's sleep.

     I can't wait to uncover many more treasures!!

Have a great day!!


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