Friday, August 29, 2014

YAY! My three year birthday!!

     Yes, I know I'm slightly older than three years old, but today is my other birthday; I have two... today marks my three year survivor-ship of breast cancer, so this makes me three years old today!!


     It's true that I seem to focus a lot on my bike riding and the bike to the bay; the cancer is one thing I left in my dust three years ago, but I do have to celebrate this milestone, reason being, I may not have been as strong today if I hadn't gone through this challenge on top of the MS, because it took one more test to prove I can get through anything:) 

So happy birthday to me!!

Have a great weekend!!



  1. Happy Birthday !!!! God has blessed us with a truly remarkable woman your strength and courage are inspiring to us all.


  2. Thanks Michael:) So glad to be your friend:)


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