Friday, September 12, 2014

A blading buddy works too!

     Sometimes I just want to get on my bike and go, and there don't happen to be any willing participants around.  But this day I wanted to check out the construction of the University Parks trail and I did manage to drag my son Matt along.  However, Matt doesn't have a bike, so he would be hoofing it on his roller blades. What a trooper. 

     This was actually going to be a pleasant change of pace.  Obviously, someone on roller blades could never keep up with a cyclist.  I was thinking I could glide around at about 8 miles an hour and take a leisurely stroll.

     Interestingly enough, I looked at my computer at one point and noticed I was going about 13 miles an hour, and there was Matt right with me.  I guess there's no stopping a 24 year old, and how could he let his old mom show him up!

     This construction has been going on far too long, but as you can see, they're finally making progress.  I'm sure it will be completed just in time for the snow to fly:) 

     While I'm at it, I figured this would be a good time to set the record straight... When I posted a while back about this construction, I had a few people mention to me that my shadow in the picture made it look as though I was making an obscene gesture. As tempted as I may have been, I was able to refrain from displaying my opinion; I had to go back to the scene of the crime to clear my name. 

     Yes, this may look a little sketchy, but if you look at my picture without the shadow you will see that I'm totally off the hook.  However, I wouldn't blame the trail for making the gesture; this can't be fun for the trail either...

     As we ventured into the park we discovered that the bridge was still out as well.  

     Here Matt thought we were just going for a bike ride, he had no idea I would be stopping continuously to take pictures.   He soon learned, this is what I do:) He also never imagined I would take a picture of him either, but this may not happen again anytime soon so I better get a picture when I can.

Have a great weekend!!


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