Monday, September 29, 2014

Lets see if Secor Park is anything special.

     Just another case of not a "real' bike trail, but a very nice ride.  Secor Park was my next mission and it was very exciting to see the trees in the beginning stages of color morphing.

I'm not exactly sure what the criteria of a park is, but this park interestingly enough, has a cemetery right in the middle of it.

     It was fascinating to see some of the unique names and very old dates.  But there was one thing I was a little curious about, which came first; the cemetery or the park (I still can't figure out that chicken or egg thing...)  One thing I do know is people are dying to go there:)  But I've been told that there are no longer vacancies in this cemetery so this is for transients only.

     This ginormous tree was at the other end of the of the cemetery, which I'm sure was a mere accent when they began their landscaping hundreds of years ago. 

     One thing I tend to notice is, even though the parks aren't actual bike routes, the pavement sure seems to be smoother.  I'm guessing  the state budget  pays for upkeep of the parks, but it must be a never ending process to replace the miles and miles of pavement on the bike routes; remember the tiny little patch of construction on the University parks trail... ugh! I just may have to check that out again...

     Though I'm somewhat new to the bike trails around the city, there is such a great sense of nostalgia when revisiting some of my favorite parks from years past, and this whole bike riding experience has reminded me that no matter what life throws at us, we have to hold onto all of the things that give us hope.

Have a great day!!


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