Friday, September 5, 2014

What if I have a flat...

     It's good to have a riding buddy, and even better if that buddy is an expert with the mechanics of a bike, but one thing I've learned is we're going on the "teach a man to fish" theory; no damsel in distress for me.

     I know my tires have to be at 120 pounds and I have the pump to fill them, but the tires weren't going to fill themselves, so it was up to me to learn.  Not just every once in a while, but every time I ride.  

   That wimpy "this is too hard" comment worked about once, but then it was up to me to muster up the strength to pump them up myself.

     Before long I was able to figure out how I could put my body into it and now pumping my tires is like tying my shoes.

  So guess what's next...  If I get a flat, it's surely not going to fix it's self... Yes, I have a patch kit, a spare tube, tire levers,  and an emergency CO2 cartridge in my saddlebag; I even have the tools to fix it, but magic fairy dust... that, I was fresh out of.

     I put it off long enough and I had used up my last excuse that I wasn't going to get a flat anytime in the near future, because my riding buddy, Robert, went and got a flat himself.  I swear it was just to teach me a lesson:)  It soon became a reality, and now I knew I had to learn.

     I could say it'll never happen to me, but this happened after I was on that same ride and I got lucky this time; next time it could be me, but you better believe I'm gonna know what to do:)

Have a great weekend!!


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