Monday, September 22, 2014

Re visiting my very first bike trail; Centennial Quarry

     It had been a very long time so I thought I needed to revisit my very first bike trail.  Centennial quarry was the first tail I attempted when I was trying to gain my confidence to ride in the Bike To The Bay.  I rode it about once but then the up and down hills were more than I cared to deal with when I was just starting out.  Now it was time to bring back old memories.

     Of course the day we went it was 43 degrees out and I had to have two jackets on because I was freezing.  I looked and felt like the Michelin man but at least I was a little warmer.

        Looking at this picture you'll notice how flat this starting point of the trail is.  Well, there are two entries to this trail because when they first built it, the hill on the west side of the quarry was so steep that very few people could climb it so they had to make another entrance on the east side.

     This day I wanted to try the hard side.  I guess there was a very good reason they took the time to make a second entrance...  This hill was crazy!!  I know it's hard to tell by the picture, but about three quarters of the way up my bike was at about a 90 degree incline and I had to get off and walk it up the rest of the way.

          The one thing I was anxiously waiting for on my recent rides was finally starting to happen.  The leaves had been falling on the trails the past few weeks but I had yet to see them change colors.  They were finally turning many shades of bright red and orange.

          The rock quarry was very peaceful looking as the morning fog rose above it.

     The one thing I found frustrating back when I started riding last year was the thing I found most challenging now, and that was all of the quick up and down hills.  I spent a good portion of this ride shifting the gears up and down, and familiarity builds confidence:)

     Challenge and beauty, what more can you ask for!?

Have a great day!!


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