Monday, September 1, 2014

If at first you don't succeed...

        So we re-visited International park across the Maumee River again, because the trails I mastered with my comfort bike needed to be tested now that I have my road bike figured out  (or so I thought).

Notice the sign pointing the direction... That was just one of a few

     Some of the unconventional trails, I've discovered, come with many hidden challenges and one I never saw coming was this...

     I rode this before on my old bike and how hard could it be on my new bike since I'm a pro now??

    Going up an incline on a trail with a sharp "V" turn may not seem like a huge deal, but turn a little too sharp and the bike flips right out from under you.

     I have to confess... I may have freaked a little and rode into the grass, then bailed and ended up in a heap on  the ground.  But If you know me, you also know I'm not a quitter... I may have given in temporarily, but I never give up!  So I had to go back later and do it the right way:)

    Being I had admitted already that I had this bike figured out, what happened on this bike ride was something I planned to take to my grave (at this rate it may be sooner than I think...) because how could a fifty one year old fall off of a bike...

     But then I was talking to a friend who's my age that told me she was running once and hit a crack in the sidewalk and went flying.  I guess we all go flying once in a while; the circumstances just may be a little different. 

     I began to think back to when I was a young teen and I was riding a horse and it was spooked, catapulting me into the air and on to the ground.  I got back on without batting an eye, so why is it any different just because I have a few years under my belt?

     I got back on the horse and now the bike!  Just more proof that I won't give up on anything:)

Have a great day!!



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