Friday, September 19, 2014

Sometimes beauty comes at a price; Ottawa Park Trail

     I was told that Ottawa park has a beautiful bike trail, but it's a little scary and this trail was rough.  I was game because I love beautiful  trails, and you know I'll try anything once (somethings even twice!).

     I found this to be correct in both counts. The park it's self was breath taking, though in some spots the trail had it's share of wear and tear.  As far as safety, we were parked right next to the police station; how much safer can you get.

     At times the ride was very smooth and I began to question this challenge thing...

     Part of the beauty was riding through Ottawa Park Golf course.  I had to remind myself to yell "on your left" and not "FORE"...

     Yes, I'll admit, some of the trail was uneven, so much to the point where we had to get off the bikes and walk them.

     However, I figured out what they meant by rough.  It wasn't only the cracks and bumps,  I saw this sign and said "ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?"  Nope, they weren't...

     My friend warned me that I seriously needed to ride the brakes the whole way down.

          This picture was taken the second time around when I got off my bike to take it.  The first time I was shaking so much and all I could think about was how this was gonna end...

     This downhill curvy path felt like it was a mile long and when we got to the bottom I was happier than a pig in mud to be there.  But I practiaclly had to pry my hands off of the brakes.  Of course, what goes down must go up (that's a little backwards...)  

     This was also taken the second time around and when I finally made it to the top.  I wish you could see the birds eye view and just how steep this was. I seriously needed a nap when we were done:)

     Look at that big tree in the middle; the trail loops behind it, and the other trees, were just as tall or taller but look much  smaller because the trail is getting steeper.  Keep in mind, we were going up, UGH!

       This ride sure came with a price and it sure was one crazy workout.  At the end of the day, they were right, this was one beautiful trail, but when they said rough, they weren't kidding!! 

Have a great weekend!!


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