Friday, September 26, 2014

Highland Meadows Red Tee challenge for MS

Denny and Peggy Spencer; Co-chair persons

          You may remember I helped out at the Highland Meadows Golf Course MS fundraiser last year; well it was that time again and I was never happier to be working side by side with all of my great friends of fifteen years again.

     This tournament was the Red Tee Challenge and the proceeds go to the National MS society.  

     They even brought in a vintage orange car to keep with the MS orange theme:)

My BFFs: Kurt and Kari Shell 

    Kari was my very first golfing buddy when I joined HMGC fifteen years ago and I tell people she'll be my friend forever,  because with her by my side I'll always be taller than at least one person:)

          All the ladies helping sell raffle tickets were really rocking those swanky orange boas, and after what was in store that day I know they were drier than the golfers.

     There was a field of eighty golfers and it was very humbling to see so many people out for the cause.  Looking at the sky in this picture you would have never guessed what kind of day they were in for ...

     Though these grey clouds opened up several times throughout the day and the wind was brutal at times, not a single golfer threw in the towel.

     The most humbling part of the day was when Peggy and Denny told me they want to donate the money under team leapfrog.  This was just one more example of the whole meaning behind our team name.  We started our team simply to raise awareness, and It was all about that leap of faith that we could find a whole lot of people who care, and we sure did:)

Have a great weekend!!


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