Monday, September 15, 2014

Riding in the clouds of the North Coast Inland Trail in Elmore Ohio

     I know I keep saying  "this trail is my favorite"; and at some point it can't possibly get any better.  But I've come to realize, all of the bike trails I've traveled on have something unique that make's them my "favorite for the moment".  

     This particular trail was in Elmore Ohio; it's the North Coast Inland trail.  I knew I was going to fall in love with it from the very beginning when the first thing I saw was a beautiful blanket of Black Eyed Susan flowers, and just beyond them was a bridge overlooking the river, which this picture doesn't do it justice, but I could have stared at it all day.

          As we ventured through the town of Elmore we came across this nostalgic depot right in the middle of a cozy little park.  Ironically, I remember taking my kids there many years ago when they were young, but I never noticed the bike trail that ran right through it. 

     When we made our way past the depot I saw these trees and assumed we would be surrounded by woods for this ride.  Once again, I would need to be on my toes and prepare to dodge the leaves, berries, twigs and Black walnuts.  Yes, that was the case for a while.

     However, before long I would discover the part of this trail that made this my all time favorite!  The trees were gone and we were now riding through miles and miles of corn fields with nothing but the whitest clouds I've ever seen as a backdrop.  We were definitely not in Kansas anymore:)

     We even rode right under the Ohio turnpike, but from a ways back I felt like I was watching a semi truck race on a hot-wheels track.

          At one point it was a case of "country meets forest"... that and the land of OZ:)

     You can see the bike trail it's self is one of the smoother, calmer trails I've rode on, but here's why this trail is 
my favorite...

 Like the movie "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang",  I actually thought at any moment my bike was going to sprout wings and I would soon be flying through the clouds:)

Have a great day!!


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