Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Is Oak Openings considered uncharted??


       We've traveled the Wabash Cannonball trail several times now, but always ran out of daylight and never made it to the end.  So we decided we would start at the end and work our way back.  It's technically the same trail but now we're starting at Oak Openings State Park and I do believe this counts as uncharted territory:)

     Of course, you know me... I always end up in conversation with everyone I pass.

Glen; the park trail patrol

     We spent the first few minutes in total amazement of our new BFF Glen's swanky wheels.  I know I just got a new bike, but I was a little envious because this thing was out of this world.  The only thing missing was a hot tub.

     My camera might be causing me to slack on the mileage I put on my bike but  I just can't help myself; the view in this park is breathtaking.

     My poor riding buddy, Robert was a real trooper; holding my pink and white bike while I went crazy with the camera:)

"Are we about done??"

     However, since I was able to sneak a photo, take a minute to notice he has no shoes on. This is how he rides because he has little feeling in his feet due to his MS, but that didn't stop him from riding 75 miles in the bike to the bay.  

     I knew this was the trainer for me.  How can I complain that I can't ride when he's proof it can be done.

     Incidentally, some passing riders struck up a conversation with us and asked how far we planned to ride, and it really depended on how many more pictures I had to take.  But then I was also reminded that this bike wasn't going to ride it's self...  Oh, just one more;)

Now It's time to finish that ride:)

Have a great day!!


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