Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Even the camel had a last straw

          I'm sorry, I refuse to believe the riding season is over already.  If I was in a warm climate this would be just the beginning.  People in middle america often say they love the four seasons.  Let's see... there's almost Winter... Winter... still Winter... and August...  

     I had my mind set that I was going to finally put my friend, the University Parks Trail to sleep for the winter, but not before checking to see that the construction site was one hundred percent finished and ready for me, come spring.

     However, the weatherman said it was going to be about 52 degrees and 15 mile an hour winds.  I ride my bike 15 miles an hour; that's not so fast.  I was game, I have warm gear, but I couldn't find anyone else crazy enough to join me.

     I had things to do early in the day, but I would give the sun a chance to warm the air, and go home and change into my bike gear in the afternoon.  

     Sadly, the sun decided to hide for the day and all I was left with was the wind, clouds, and 47 degrees.  Okay, change of plans...  But who knows if the I'll ever get another chance to ride before the snow comes.  Remember the expression "if you've got the time we've got the beer"??  I had the time...  

     Instead of going home to change, I just drove straight to the park so I couldn't talk myself out of it, and had every intention of just riding to the construction area two miles in and then turn around; no bike gear, just me, my bike and helmet.

     You have to admit this was beautiful.  It looked rather lonely though.  All the others were probably home drinking coffee (maybe even Irish...) 

          then came the straw that broke the camel's back...  I felt the ice cold drops of rain begin to fall on my head and that was the deal breaker.  I might be crazy, but I'm no fool.

          Yes, this is just as easy on the eyes from the parking lot as it is on the trail, and telling you what I almost did is a heck of a lot more comfortable warm and indoors, than actually doing it.  

     Who knows, maybe it will still warm up one of these days:)

Have a great day!!


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