Monday, October 20, 2014

It took me all season, but I finally made it to the south fork of the Wabash Cannonball trail!!

          Remember a million years ago (or maybe last spring), when I rode the north fork of the Wabash Cannonball Trail??  I took that north fork several times, but never wanted to venture on to the south fork, because Fred Lefevbre told me when I was on his radio show that the south fork was brutally hot, since most of it was open farm land. Now that it's cool, this was my chance to finally try it out.  

     This was the path leading up to the Wabash trail and I have to admit it looked very different than it did in the spring.

     As you turn the corner behind these colorful trees...

 this is what I would see last spring. Green trees everywhere, and totally shaded.

     Fast forward to fall and ride up to the fork that separates the north and south, and this is what you see now.

     Dried up corn fields surround the south fork, and in the heat of summer I bet with it being wide open and the sun beating down, this was brutal.  However, now that it's chilly fall weather one thing I didn't consider, the wind was also able to whip right through your bones like a spring day in Kansas.

     Once again I had another instrument to place in my cabinet of double edged swords,  because it was absolutely beautiful and by no means scorching, but turn the sword over and feel the wind soaring right through you.

     As luck would have it, I doubled up on almost every article of clothing I owned and there was no way I would end up with frost bite.

     So my bucket list of trails is almost completed (until I broaden my horizon next year), and behind this smile I have my fingers crossed that the weather and daylight hold out for me to cross my final trail off my list for the year;)

Have a great day!!


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