Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Time to get a trainer.

     I don't know why they call this thing a "trainer", I have to do everything myself... :)  Yes, I know they mean something to put my bike on so I can continue to train in doors through the snowy weather, but it sure doesn't sound like it.

     Justin, my best bud at Performance Bike in Ann Arbor Mi., assures me I can still get a good two more months of out-door riding in before the in-climate weather gets here.

     He and I may have a different idea of what "in-climate" is, but I would rather be prepared, because I'm sure I'll know it when I see it, and when it comes, I'll be ready;).

     This bike wasn't mine, and it was way too big, but it was set up on the style of trainer I bought, and I just had to test it out.  This is a fluid trainer as opposed to a magnetic style, and the fluid resistance is supposed to make the pedaling feel like riding out doors.  The reviews all raved about this model so l'm confident it will be just what I need.

     Justin told me if it was going on carpet I could end up getting pokes from static electricity, which doesn't sound fun, so I also got this black rubber mat to prevent that.  

     The good news is, I can put my yoga mat on top of it and give it double duty when my bike isn't on it.

     I won't be taking the trainer out of the box for a while, because it will be too easy to decide my bike is in for the winter.  But I have to tell you, I'm really anxious to unbox  my new toy, so lets see how long I last;)

Have a great day!!


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