Friday, October 24, 2014

How do I get through the freezing cold winter...

     I've managed to make my way to almost every bike trail within a 50 mile radius over this past summer, and while there are a couple I'm trying very hard to get in yet, the days are getting shorter and colder so it looks like I have to find another way to stay focused until I'm in warm weather again.

     Blogging about the Bike To The Bay has been a great past time for me, and all of the amazing bike trails have certainly made life interesting.  

     However, before long I'll be taking a sabbatical from the trails, and blogging about my journey for next year's Bike To The Bay is how I plan to get through these cold winter months.

     My computer desk as you can see is surrounded by all of the things that keep me motivated, from my cute frogs and anything pink, to pictures of many of the important people in my life.  The wedding photo is of my parents and almost 60 years old.  My father has since passed but he's always there in spirit;)

   This is also the view from my treadmill and where my bike will be as well. I've discovered that my eyes are a very important tool for keeping positive:) 

     I hope you'll follow me on my journey as I continue to grow team leapfrog for the next bike to the bay in June, and mark your calendar because sign-ups start in January, which is only a couple months away:) I know next year will be huge!!

Have a great weekend!!


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