Monday, October 6, 2014

Swan Creek Metro Park; it might be cold, but I'm not done yet!!

     Now that I finally discovered my new love of cycling I wasn't about to let it come to an end so fast.  However, cold weather and I aren't best friends and it was totally knocking at my door.  In a perfect world I would live where it's warm year round, but right now I'm facing cold.  

     Though we still have a few weeks of mild temps, this past weekend it was blustery; the wind chill as about 37.  The weather forecast was predicting rain, but they've been wrong in the past.  Lucky for me, I learned from my ride at Centennial Quarry that being unprepared makes for a less than optimal riding experience.  I went out and picked up some warmer gear.

     I had knee sox to cover my bare legs where my knickers stopped, and winter gloves, then my thermal riding jacket was a much better option than the two jackets I had on the last time. 

     I was told Swan Creek Metro Park had a nice trail, the thing was, while part of it was paved, part of it was more of a sandy gravel.  That was okay, I just wanted to see the park, and there was no way I planned to ride on an unstable trail.  I planned to only travel the solid path.

          This too was a very pretty park, and the fall colors were gorgeous.  Yes, it was a little chilly, even with my warm clothing, but I just loved being outside, which is something I hid from in the past. I've found out life is full of double edge swards; in fact, I've considered getting a cabinet to display all of mine; I have many:/

     We began our journey and came upon a fork in the road.  I chose to go to the right.  It wasn't long, about a city block, before I discovered that infamous gravel trail.  My first thought was "ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!"  Looks like my ride was over already.

   I wasn't about to ride on this... Not with my skinny road bike tires...

     Of course, there was always the left side of the fork... maybe that trail was fully paved...

     Boy was I glad to find out the other trail was completed, and the ride through the park, while hilly like a lot of my past rides, was marvelous.  Sure it was a little chilly, but at least I was dry.

        Keeping with the cold theme I saw this interesting tree that was peppered with red leaves almost as if it was a lit Christmas tree or even a Poinsettia.

          The winter gear, the paved trail... I finally figured out how to enjoy the great out doors, even if it is kind of cold.  That was until it started to rain... ugh!  Cold rain on a beautiful chilly fall day... Priceless!!

Have a great day!!


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