Friday, October 31, 2014

It's a woman's prerogative to change her mind.

     I think mother nature is as fickle any typical woman, because as soon as you think she's gonna move on to winter, she drops another nice day on you.

     Remember last week when I went to Wildwood Park and the place was a ghost town??  My car was the only one in the parking lot.   What a difference a week can make,  look at the lot now.  Motorists are waiting for a spot.

      I planned on checking out the completion of the bike trail as one of my two last bucket list items for the summer.  But the other day it was freezing and starting to rain, so it didn't happen. The other item on my list is Sterling Park in Monroe, Michigan (which I still plan to make it there, even if I have to put snow blades on my bike).

     Last Monday started out 34 degrees and I was dressed in long sleeves, long pants and a fleece vest. I was ready for winter.  But by mid afternoon the temperature shot up to 78. I was dressed entirely too warm for the outdoors but I couldn't pass up this great weather.  

     I already made plans to hit my last park later this week and I had my winter gear ready for that.  It looked like my plans would change because I was going on a bike ride today...

     I didn't have time for the Sterling Park trail, which would have completed my list, but this was my chance to cross off the last trip to check for the completion of the University Parks Trail; and if you know me I don't give up on any goals. 

     But when I got to the park leading to the trail I changed my mind, because I was also curious about the bridge inside the park.  After being under construction all summer I wondered if it was completed as well.

     As you can see this park is ready to pack it up for the season; the leaves are all dried up and the once vibrant colors have left them.

     When I made my way to the bridge I was amazed to see it was completed.  I had never been on this before and I was thinking it was merely a little covered bridge. 

 To my surprise it was like a boardwalk going over the Ottawa River.

     The bridge went on for what seemed like miles, and it was soon obvious why it took all summer to complete.

     It turned out to be a great day for a bike ride, though I saw a lot more people walking than riding.  They must have retired their bikes for the winter.

     Remember, I never give up on anything and I knew I just had to check out the bike trail one last time to cross it off my list, so I left the park and headed to the trail.

     As you can see I actually found some leaves that still had color after all.

     Would you believe the trail still wasn't completed??  I guess the line painters changed their mind too.  Looks like it'll have to wait until spring...

     Mother nature may change her mind from day to day, but when I set goals, the only thing that might change is the route.  Sterling Park here I come...

Have a great weekend!!



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