Wednesday, October 29, 2014

What did I do!?!?! Let me tell you...

     It's funny that I've been walking around with a limp for years and for the most part onlookers put on their spandex and become "captain obvious".  A common comment would be "HEY, you're limping!!" 

     With my new brace the questions become just that; questions.  People seem to be more interested in my war story than being informants that something is wrong. Of course "captain obvious" still lurks in the wings because now a comment I hear quite often is " That can't be comfortable..."

     When I first went into work with my new bionic leg one of my co workers, Dan, took one look and said "WHAT HAPPENED?!?!"  Seven years of working there and he now asks what happened??  he knows I have MS but I guess he thought I was really down on my luck because I was also run over by a truck...

     I told you I wanted to bling up my bionic leg in pink, and maybe the pink distraction will take away from people asking me what happened, and revert the question after seeing my creative art work to "WHAT DID YOU DO?!?"

    Hey, people get tattoos all the time and those are permanent.  I actually considered getting a pink frog tattoo, but then I reconsidered.  This is less radical;) (of course I haven't totally written off the frog tattoo...)

     After a little more thinking I decided what I needed to do was brand it like designers do.  If I was going to have a label it would certainly be pink and definitely be a frog, so I need to brand it with a pink frog.  Think of it as a tattoo without the needles; lord knows, I have plenty of those already.  

     I'm not gonna lie... this double combo of the nerve zapper and bionic leg is by no means comfortable in any way shape or form, and in the beginning the two together caused a gigantic dark purple bruise, and I had no idea what the outcome of this was going to be, or if my leg would even live...(okay, maybe a little too much drama...). 

     After some adjustments the bruising is finally almost gone, though the discomfort lingers on...  but I'm up right and stable and I'll pay any price for that! Of course, I need a distraction to take my mind off of the pain and a visual distraction seemed to be the best kind.

     The great thing about knowing a lot of people is you have a lot of talent to choose from. So I have a friend creating a stencil of my pink frog right now, and when that is done I can paint the pink frog on my bionic leg.  

     If you know me you can imagine I want it now.  But if you know me you also know I want to do it right.  I'll let you know how it's going soon.  But for now just know, this thing's a keeper;)

Have a great day!!



  1. Isn't MS like getting run over by a truck? I can't wait to see your "bionic tattoo!"


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