Monday, October 13, 2014

If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck...

    I've discovered that going to Physical Therapy is like going to an AA meeting.  Everyone has something visibly going on and we all have many war stories.

     We tend to become experts at diagnosing  the others based on their walk or their form of transport.  A cast is a no brainer; obviously someone fell and they'll be fine eventually.  
     A cane, walker or wheel chair could mean a number of things, based on youth or old age and the variables are endless.  But a brace tends to be rather intriguing.

     On my first day at Physical Therapy after getting my new "bionic leg"  people felt a sudden green light to start diagnosing (or speculating) my problem.  One man asked me if I was getting a new knee (which I'm not because my brain wouldn't know what to do with that one either), I told him no, I had hyper-extension in my knee.  He looked as though he needed more details and since I was early I figured what the heck...

     I told him I have MS which caused the footdrop and the nerve zapper to take care of the footdrop, then the brace to stop the hyper-extension caused by the compensation from lack of balance from the footdrop.

     He said "wow, you definitely have some things going on; I'm getting a new knee next week and then surgery on my shoulder next month". 

     I smiled and said "breast cancer survivor, bi-lateral mastectomy and three reconstructive surgeries..."  He then replied "I can't top that, you win".  Right!?!? 

     After I finished my boxing match it was finally time for my PT and I really figured My Therapist  would ask me to walk a straight line, like you would for a sobriety test, say it isn't perfect but better, and then send me on my way.  That's not what happened.  We spent the next hour trying to teach me how to use muscles I hadn't used in years.  It was like teaching a baby to walk, only they don't think about it; they just do it and fall a million times.  It's not fun falling when you're older so I needed to think about every step I took as I moved my legs and feet in a way I had forgotten to.

     She sent me on my way, armed with many great exercises and different types of steps.  My next visit will be the last one for a while because it's now up to me to use the tools she gave  me.  Back to the drawing board...

Have a great day!!


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