Friday, October 10, 2014

If it's gonna stand out, it's gonna stand out! Let's make it pink:)

  So I've decided to embrace my new leg.. or maybe that's get a leg up on my new Brace;) If I have to display it then I may as well make it "ME".

    This thing is black and I am totally pink if I'm anything. Don't think we haven't been brainstorming on how to make it pink.  People get to choose their hair color why not my leg color?! Mike B., my Orthotist actually did research to find my new Bionic leg in pink.  To his credit he found it, but though the color was right, it wasn't the right brace for what I needed.  It was like getting hair clips for a bald man... What's the point!?

     The funny thing is, anyone who really knows me already asked if it comes in pink.  Am I that predictable?!  I discussed with Mike B. the possibility of painting it and he looked at it and said "why not?! but it would have to be done strategically so we don't ruin the hinges and turn it into a worthless piece of metal, even if it is pink:)"

     First things first... the one we tried on had to be reordered for a different size to accommodate going over my nerve zapper.  By the end of the day I'm gonna be one big heap of random parts...

     While I was waiting for my correct bionic leg to come in I started my scavenger hunt for the pink paint.  I was giving this some serious thought... what if I ever have something on that would clash with the pink??  Wait... that was a stupid question:)

     The paint needed to be industrial strength, like the paint for kitchen appliances, but there didn't seem to be a big market for people painting their stoves pink.  I don't get it... Why not!?!

     Then I remembered seeing a display of pink items last week at Dick's Sporting Goods for breast cancer awareness month, and I remember pink sports tape was on that rack, Hmmm...  I might be way off but for ten bucks what did I have to lose?  

     The next day I had my appointment to pick up my newly adopted leg  and I went in armed with my "brilliant idea" to add to Mike's "brilliant creation".  Lets see if he laughs me right out of the office.

     Well when I showed him my pink tape he did what I expected; he laughed:)  Of course I'm not sure if he was laughing with me or at me...  I didn't care because we all know I'm crazy!

     Then he smiled and said "what ever floats your boat; I say go for it!"  He did think the painting option was a good one too.  I'm always a plan B kinda girl so I decided I would bling it up with the pink tape for now, and when I'm ready for something seriously permanent I'll get it painted the right way...

     So now that we have that major detail figured out we tried the new one on for size.  It was a blessing in disguise that the other one was cutting into my leg, because now I feel lucky to only have it be a slight inconvenience.  However, I think my days of slipping right through a metal detector are over;)

     But the most important thing is, it's doing exactly what we were hoping for, and now my poor leg feels strong again!  

    Here's one last picture where I look like a powerful kick boxer; but the next time you see it with my girly pink bling I may have to change my story;)

Have a great weekend!!


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