Monday, February 2, 2015

I don't know why they call them "snow birds"... all this snow is definitely for the birds!

          I know a lot of so called "snow birds" pack up and head down south this time of the year, only to return when the snow is long gone.  Unfortunately I can't just pack up and head down south for eternity right now, however, seeing all this snow sure makes me glad I booked a short trip to Florida for later this week.  But time can't go by fast enough.

snow yesterday

     It seems like I've been planning this trip for years now and it's finally almost here.  I check my weather app on my phone daily, like some people check their horoscope.  Only I don't have just my local forecast on the radar.  There are a couple of destinations I keep an eye on and dream of much nicer weather than I'm facing here in blustery Ohio in January.

snow today

     As it stands, Florida is so much warmer right now than we are, and I'm a little concerned that at the end of my trip I'll leave the balmy weather, and when I exit the plane in Ohio, that Florida perspiration will turn me into a walking ice sculpture.

     My cousin who I'm visiting e-mailed me with a friendly warning... With my brother driving me to the airport, I had better be sure not to mention that the temperature is 61 degrees warmer in Florida than it is here, or I may have to make room for him in my carry on luggage, because he'll no doubt become a stow-a-way.

     With the snow we have here, and seeing how much warmer it is down south, there's a good chance I just might exchange my round trip ticket for a one way... Just watch me:)

     I mentioned awhile back about the guy that helped my cousin move down there this time of year, who practically had to be pried off the plane when he landed back in Ohio; well I have a strong feeling we might see history repeat it's self:) It could be like trying to give a cat a bath.  But until that time comes I sure am looking forward to warmer weather!!

Have a great day!!


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