Wednesday, February 18, 2015

A perfect ending to a perfect day.

     Well, I finally did it!  I completed the mystery challenge of Hang gliding.  I always pictured Hang gliding as running off a cliff and flying off into the horizon.  Since I don't run anymore I never in my wildest dreams thought I would be doing that..I guess there's always a way to do anything.

     But now it was time for me to come back down to earth.  My other cousin, Paul, (Keith's brother) and his wife Tina also live in Florida and we planned to meet up with them, head to the beach, and watch the sunset.

     This was surely going to be the perfect ending to a perfect day.

          Our plans were to have dinner at an open air restaurant on the top of a Six story building, and that was where we would watch the view of the sun as it sinks into the gulf.

     However, we had some time on our hands before that happened so we went out on the beach.  One thing I learned is, briskly walking in the sand usually results in me face down with a mouth full of earth.  But just hanging out by the water was no problem at all.

     Then Keith suggested we take a walk down to the peer but only if I wanted to.  I absolutely wanted to, but began to imagine the group taking a power walk as I went flying into some little kid's sand castle.  However, I had said I was going to rise to every challenge put in front of me on this trip, so I told him I would love to, but at my pace.  I was pleasantly surprised when the walk turned into a leisurely stroll, and not one person was leaving me in their dust.  

     By the time we had finished our "stroll" it was time to head up to the restaurant to make sure we had the perfect seats facing the sunset.

This was the view of the beach from our table

          With the first sign of the sun's departure I had my camera ready to capture the entire disappearing act from the start to the very last rays illuminating the water.  Here it is...

          I had never seen a sunset more beautiful; then again, maybe I wasn't looking hard enough.  Now that we saw what we came for it was time for us to leave (before the restaurant Manager had us thrown out for loitering...)

     As we were heading down the strip there was a definite thriving night life going on, and Keith asked if I was game for walking around town.  Come on... I was a trooper for everything else so far.  Why quit now!?!?  

     We walked out on the peer and briefly stopped to listen to a band play their classic rock music and then we started heading back to the car.

          But as we were almost to to car I noticed a frozen yogurt shop and looked at Keith and said "wait..."  we need to make one more stop... Keith said "I know... frozen yogurt... She's been whining about that all weekend,lol".  I said "I was a trooper all weekend and now I'm getting it with or with out you guys..."  So we headed into the shop.

     No shock, I took forever trying to decide what I wanted; there was cherry, butter pecan and many others but I didn't see chocolate.  As a choco-halic that was just wrong.  I asked the young man behind the counter if he had chocolate and he said "only soft serve..."  I said  "perfect!!"  he sat the dish of frozen yogurt on the counter, smiled and said "It's on me!  Have a great evening!"  I said "You're kidding!!!  that is so sweet!!! thank you so much:)"  then of course I asked him if I could take his picture to put in my blog and he was happy to help.

          We left the shop and I was totally floating on air.  I said "See how nice people can be?!?! he didn't even know me and he just gave me the yogurt out of the goodness of his heart!"  

      Paul's wife Tina, who may have said two sentences all night, out of the blue responded "I think it was because he was tired of you taking forever:)"  We all laughed, but I know he was really being nice:)

     What a perfect day it turned out to be, and I knew we still had one more day ahead of us, but I seriously wondered how anything could come close to the past two days.   Though I sure was anxious to find out!!

Have a great day!!


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