Friday, February 20, 2015

The third day of my trip I was still a little clueless, but I'm learning!

          By the third and last day I had finally figured out the pattern.  I was getting nothing out of Keith so I just had to trust him.  We got in his convertible and started driving aimlessly (at least it was aimless to me...).  

     I knew he had something else up his sleeve, but he planned on making me work for it.  Our first stop was to sight see at the Edison Estate.  There was a lot to see but it also involved hoofing it as well, to which Keith said "I think you can handle it, but it's up to you...".  He mentioned several times that if we got too far out he could always hoist me on his back (anything to avoid watching me crawl...)  But I knew I had this... 

     Talk about backwards, this was a Banyan tree that was several hundred years old.  What was unique about it was the roots grew out of the branches, back down to the ground and then started all over again.  You never knew if they were coming or going...

     This tree, again, older than dirt (or almost) is called a Kapok tree.  As you can see it was slightly taller than I.  And growing right in front of the tree were some sort of pink flowers.  I'm guessing they planted them knowing I was coming:)

     After seeing almost every point of interest at this stop, we were on our way to the next mystery adventure.  But we needed to fuel up first.  Of course there was no time to grow roots at some sit down restaurant so we picked up some "rabbit food", AKA nuts and grapes.  We were on a mission and didn't want to waste time burning daylight.

     Keith had kept silent for way too long, and he finally blurted it out that we were going para-sailing.  Whoa!!!  Again up in the clouds?!?!  Remember when I was on cloud nine?!?  Well if there's such a thing as cloud ten I was now on it!  

   However, this time Keith was taking this adventure with me.  Maybe he wanted to take this opportunity to catapult me into the water... that or he wanted to make sure I came back in one piece.  I want to believe it's the latter:)

       The lady at the ticket booth had a two way radio that she was using to communicate with the crew on the boat.  I'm guessing when she saw my brace she must have warned them I was an "invalid", because though I wasn't wearing it on the boat, as they were pulling me on to the larger boat from the "taxi boat" the first thing one of them said was "watch out for her leg!"  However, by the time my ride was over they had realized I wasn't gonna break, and they were practically throwing me.

          They also figured out I wouldn't melt because they dipped me in the water not twice, but three times.

     It's true, my legs don't work like they used to before, but knowing what I know now, at the end of day does it even really matter??

Have a great weekend!!



  1. What a fantastic weekend it was! So glad I got to see the photos that go with what you told us at our group meeting and the extra bloggy details! Will there be some more photos to go with coffee tomorrow??? :)


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