Monday, February 9, 2015

My test to see if I could do it on my own turned into a learning lesson that people are way too kind to let me.

       When I started planning my trip to Florida last fall I knew two things were certain; the first was that it had to be much warmer down there, and the second was that I was going to prove to myself that making this trip on my own was possible.

     You have to know I have a million pictures and even more stories to go with them (and I might make some up just for kicks...). But the stories will have to wait, because I have to let you know just one more lesson I learned, even before I left for the airport.  As much as you want to do things for yourself, this world is filled with amazing people who want to help you.  

     I had several people tell me not to be afraid to ask for help with things like my luggage, advance boarding and things like that.  Of course if I asked for help I wouldn't be proving anything.

     But the offers to help me started pouring in long before my trip began.  First my brother Doug offered to take me to the airport and that was a load off my mind.  But no sooner did I except his offer when my boss's wife Elaine came in and insisted she escort me all the way to the gate.  Not long after that a co worker, Maryann  offered to take me as well.  The day before my flight my friend Kari called to ask if I needed a ride... Can you believe it?!?!  Even my hair dresser, Loralee, volunteered to have me park at her house just minutes from the airport.  And that's just the trip there. 

      My brother  as well as my fried Karen were both more than happy to pick me up coming back from my trip, and I was overwhelmed by all of the people who wanted to help.  Of course the thing that was a little funny was the the fact that there were many more offers to take me than pick me up... Are they trying to tell me something or am I over thinking it?? lol.  Oh well, I may not even need a ride home if I get too used to the warm sunny weather:)

     Stay tuned to find out if my trip went off without a hitch; until that lets chalk one up for a world full of kind people!!

Have a great day!!



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  1. The girl who gets asked by the guy in the dairy department at Kroger "What yogurt can I get for ya today?" when I get to the department, yes there are great people always wanting to help. But you only get out what you put in. If you get awesome, it means you ARE awesome!

    Welcome back! We need to make a coffee date for more details!!


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