Friday, February 6, 2015

Life sure can be funny.

     We waste so much energy trying to be politically correct, that sometimes I think we make matters worse.  Acknowledging race or disabilities have become such taboo that it ends up being a real challenge to come up with the perfect words so we don't offend someone.  

     I've found myself referring to some one by saying "you know, the one with the green shirt... round earrings..."  Come on, I don't remember what color their shirt was.  I don't even remember what I had for breakfast... That's not true; it was oatmeal, but that's only because I'm obsessed with oatmeal.

     So I was at the grocery store and I was standing there looking at something on the shelf, when an older gentleman (or maybe I should say senior citizen...) came up to me in a power scooter.  He looked at my brace on my leg and like millions of people before him, being "Captain Obvious" he made that infamous comment "that can't be comfortable".  With thirty years (give or take) ahead of me, for the sake of time, by now I knew I had to have this down to a science.  Remember the old "bar fight" story... 

     Well, this man looked too sincere and I didn't feel right shooting him that sarcastic reply.  However, I was glad I had my filter on because at first I was going to say "it isn't, but at least I'm still walking..." Immediately, I realized that might be hurtful, considering he was in a power scooter. Instead, I said "it's not, but I do what ever I have to".  He wasn't content with that answer, so he had to ask me what I did... Since he had opened up Pandora's box I had to give him the whole rundown.  You know the MS, the toe, the zapper, the knee, the brace, yatta, yatta, yatta...

     When I was finished with my story I'm guessing he knew it would be awkward to just say "Oh", because he then replied "I'm so sorry; your very pretty!"  Now, I could have interpreted that to mean "it seems like such a waste to have a pretty face on a messed up body". Instead, I humbly took it as a compliment, smiled and thanked him.

     But I also felt like that was a strange way to leave the conversation myself, so I said "maybe I should have given you my usual explanation, which is "I was in a bar fight".  He laughed and said "that's funny! I like that!!". Who'da thunk...

     You can dance around it all you want, but at the end of the day, life sure can be funny.

Have a great weekend!!


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