Monday, February 23, 2015

Want a bad hair day?! para-sailing and a convertible will do it!


     When we left the beach after our para-sailing excursion, It sure felt like we had covered a lot of ground, and the day had a lot more hours in it.

     Keith said "I know you ride bikes right??"  Of course!  Hello...! the Bike To The Bay...?!  He said "Great!  Then I think you'll like what we're doing next."

     Well, this was kinda like riding a bike; it's old fashioned cars with pedals.  This was great!!  After all summer riding my road-bike this thing would be a walk in the park (or should I say "ride...")  

     Of course, I can't pedal with my brace and nerve zapper on my leg, so I left them in the car and Keith dropped me off at the rental booth, then went and parked.

     There were cars with two seats, four seats, and six seats respectively.  Being there were only two of us we got a small two seater.

        I soon found out this was not just like riding a bike; this thing weighed about 100 times more than my 20 pound road-bike.  

     Then, the pedals are standard in all of the cars. If your legs are long your knees are hitting your chin, but if they're short then you pedal with your tippy toes.  Being I happen to be vertically challenged I ended up sitting on the edge of my seat while trying to keep my feet on the pedals; I didn't want to be a slacker.  

     As we started riding I asked Keith if he would even notice if I wasn't pulling my weight... He looked over, smiled and said "uh... I think I would..."  So I guess there was no nap for me...

     Another interesting note; there were two steering wheels but only one steered.  I figured it would be like student driver cars where both sides controlled it.  Nope, and I was not in the driver seat, so I was at the mercy of where Keith decided to go.  

     Don't get me wrong, this was a beautiful park and the view  made it well worth the effort.  

       Along our route we came to a marsh.  Keith told me a lot of times you'll see alligators here, but it was highly unlikely we would see them at that time, because there were ducks swimming around, and they would know not to put themselves in danger.

     By the time we were back to the rental booth we had been riding about an hour and fifteen minutes, and I have to admit my legs were like rubber.  As we were getting out of the pedal car I said to Keith "I don't know if you noticed but I may have slacked off once or twice..."  Again, with that smile he said "oh yeah, I did:)"  I was busted:)

     So now I had the challenge of getting back to the car with "rubber legs", no brace and no nerve zapper...

     Keith offered to go get the car, but that would only waste time, so I told him I could walk slow if I could just put my hand on his shoulder for balance.  I mean, we couldn't walk arm and arm; he's my cousin, and we weren't in Kentucky!!  

      After a couple minutes it hit me, I was wearing sunglasses while I had my hand on his shoulder... I laughed and said "do you realize people probably think I'm blind?!"  I think I heard Keith say under his breath "Did you say blind or blonde...Lol."

     We finally made it to the car and our next and final stop for the day would be dinner at a restaurant that has nothing but salads.  Keith figured I would be as happy as a pig in mud; which I was.  He told me they even have frozen yogurt...  Wow, twice in one weekend?!  How did I get so lucky?!

     After we were done with our salads I went over to get some yogurt.  An older gentleman walked up to me and said "is that stuff fattening??"  I told him It's yogurt... how can it be??

     I looked over at Keith sitting at the table.  He rolled his  eyes and shook his head with disbelief then said "Come on, really!?!?"  What can I say.  It's like the movie Field Of Dreams, "if you build it they will come..."  I didn't know they were talking about froyo.

     Once again, the day was coming to an end, and I had a very early flight the next morning.  We called it a night, though my mind would go into overtime as I thought about all of the amazing things I did these past few days, along with feeling the confidence to conquer many more obstacles in the future.

Have a great day!!



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  1. What a great trip! You can feel the excitement from your writing. The pedal cars sound like so much fun but too bad you didn't get to see gators!


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