Wednesday, February 25, 2015

It takes a village...

     Well, my trip to sunny Fort Myers was over, and that morning I was up with the chickens to make my very early flight.  Keith told me two hours early wasn't necessary at this airport, so we arrived one hour before take off.  I told Keith I will never forget his generosity, and this was where we would say our good-byes and  part ways, but not without the solemn promise we would do this again next year. 

     There were a lot more people in line for security then there were at the Toledo Express on my flight here.  It didn't matter though, I knew the routine and I would be in and out with out even batting an eye.  I put my luggage on the table and asked the security guard if she could just wand and x-ray me and leave me intact. 

     She said "We don't wand here."   I said "they did at the Toledo Express...".  She replied "Well, we don't HAVE wands here."  To which I said "So does that mean I have to take all of my paraphernalia off??"  She said "I can do a thorough pat down if you don't mind that."  

     Anything to avoid being taken apart, so I was more than happy to comply.  I was expecting it to be like a police frisking, and I would breeze right through, (not that I've ever had one, but I've seen a lot of cop shows...) but she took the word "thorough" literally.  By the time she was through with me I actually thought we were dating...  But I was still intact, so I caught my breath and went on my way.

     With this airport being very small the seats began to fill up fast, and by the time I went to sit down they were few and far between. As I was looking around to find a seat close to the gate I made my next friend, Meghan.  She got up and moved over and asked me if I wanted the end seat.  

     No surprise, we talked up a storm and swapped war stories until they called our flight.  I asked Meghan if I could take her picture for my blog and like every other person on my trip, she was thrilled.

     We boarded the plane, where a kind man offered to lift my luggage into the overhead, and then I would meet my next friend Diane, who was a "snow bird" on her way back home.  She mentioned that it was too bad about our mayor, right??  I told her it was so sad that he was in an accident.  She told me he passed away last Friday.  Wow, I was so busy living on the edge that I lost touch with the real world.  I hadn't seen a newspaper or the news in the past three days...

     Before long the plane landed safely in Toledo and the same kind man brought my luggage back down for me.

     Walking down the enclosed ramp I could feel the bitter cold making me wish I was still in Fort Myers.  But then I realized I had finally completed my test, and it was official that I was now a world traveler... (even if they were only baby airports...)
     I called my brother Doug to let him know I landed safely, and then waited patiently for him to pick me up.  While I waited I had to make one more friend, and that was the lady who worked at the airport coffee shop.  I told her all about my journey and what a real learning lesson it was.  

     When Doug finally arrived, carrying the winter coat I left behind, I asked my new friend to take my last and final picture to complete my story.  My awesome brother who brought me here was now taking me home, with a mind full of  memories of all the amazing people who helped me "make it on my own".  I now know, like the song Lean on me, "We all need somebody to lean on".

          You can always make it on your own, but some times it takes a village:)

Have a great day!!



  1. What a great trip! You told the story so well and now I need to visit my fiend the coffee pot in the kitchen! ;)

  2. Thanks:) it was an amazing story to tell!


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