Wednesday, February 4, 2015

These shirts won't go unnoticed!!

     Here's a possible team shirt that we're putting up for debate, and you're right, it isn't pink... but last year all of the members of team leapfrog were real troopers, wearing pink  cotton T shirts, so I decided it was my turn to take one for the team.This year we're gonna wear "real" bike shirts and no more pink. 

      Don't worry, there will certainly be a splash of pink on them with my cute pink frog and maybe the sponsors on the back...  I just might have to jazz it up with pink socks and what ever else I can find:)

  And an added bonus is the two pockets on the back for water bottles, phones etc...

     The one thing I will say about this color is, we certainly won't blend in with the scenery.  We might even stop traffic, maybe adopt a highway while we're at it... but how else are we supposed to make a statement??

     I know the Bike To The Bay is in June, and I certainly won't have this long sleeve pink shirt on under my bike shirt, but just like taking a picture of a ghost and nothing shows up, if I had nothing pink on, it might not come out either:)  Don't worry, there will be pink!!

                men's version

     Looking at this shirt un-decorated does look a little plain, but if we were to make the pink frog neon as well as the green frogs, these shirts will surely jump out (pun intended!) 

     It's not official yet, and I still want to get a few more opinions, but those I've asked already are thrilled with the new look.  Stay tuned; you just may be looking at the new Team Leapfrog shirts;) 

Have a great day!!


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