Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Can you believe Fred's actually having me back on his show??

     Remember a while back I said I was telling Fred Lefevbre he needed to get me back on his radio show because this was my 30 year anniversary of living with MS.

       You'll also remember he told me he didn't HAVE to do ANYTHING because it was HIS show... Well, guess who he's having on his show again...  I must not have dropped his rating too much the last time; or maybe he just wanted to get me off his back.  Either way, I'll be there!  

     Unless he has the mics turned off (which I wouldn't put it past him,lol) you can hear me plug the Bike To The Bay this Friday, May 22, at 8:05. I'll be sure to link the podcast to my blog as well in case you miss it:)

Remember last year...??
     I rode my bike on the greenbelt parkway trail, in downtown Toledo before the show, and he ripped me apart about my attire... (something about a European Circus...ha,ha) Well, I won't be doing that this time; this guy is brutal; I don't need to give him anymore ammo:) However, his comment did cause me to step up the cycling gear a tad.  And no matter what target he finds this year, I'll be ready to give it right back to him:)

Listen or watch for the podcast Friday!

Have a great day!!


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