Monday, May 4, 2015

We make our own happiness.


    For the past few weeks I've been trying to convince myself spring is here; if it meant riding in freezing cold weather and wind, I knew I could make it happen.  However, convincing some of my friends wasn't as easy; but they'll come around...

     Remember, last week I rode in 47 Degrees and 30 mile an hour wind...  Well, yesterday it finally happened! Spring was here!  The temperature flip flopped from 47 a week ago, to 74 on this Beautiful Sunday afternoon.

     Once again,  I was riding by myself; but that didn't matter, because I had my favorite tunes on my phone, as well as a camera to take all the free pictures my crazy little heart desired.  So for all intents and purposes; I really wasn't alone. 

     My trail of choice was going to be the Quarry Ridge Trail in Sylvania, Ohio.  It was a very peaceful trail, though being so open I still faced a lot of wind, as well as many hills; but this didn't matter to me, because it was warm and sunny!

     If you remember in The Wizzard Of Oz, Dorothy had to follow the yellow brick road to find what she was looking for; well, to me it was just as magical with this yellow dandelion laced road...

     I really don't know why we work so hard at destroying these beautiful yellow flowers;  right now they're the most colorful part of spring.

          The tree you see in this field of dandelions made me think back to when I was only five years old, and on my grandparents farm.  They had this enormous Weeping Willow tree with hundreds of long viney branches, drooping from it's trunk.  By grabbing on to these vines from a running start we were able to experience for the first time what it actually felt like to fly.  No modern day jungle gym could hold a candle to this precious gem.  It's funny how I can't even remember what I had for dinner last night; but I can remember something that happened way back when I was a mere five years old.  

     As I ventured on my ride I heard the echoing sounds of crowds cheering from Pacesetter Park; where we used to sit several days a week, watching our children play many a soccer games in the chilly, damp, days of spring.

     However, the cheering I heard wasn't from the soccer fields, rather the ball diamonds; another place I spent countless hours while my son had his moment of glory.  

     Once again, this, to me, meant spring; like in the movie Field Of Dreams; if you build it they will come...  If we want spring to come we have to build it in our mind as well.

     Another great thing about this day was, I completed my first solo ride this season that was over ten miles long; and with no one physically there to push me.  The rest stops in the Bike To The Bay are about every ten miles;  I plan to ride a total of fifty, and I now know I can make it on my own from one rest stop to the next.
     So I finally felt it; my waiting was over.  I've been known to make my own happiness in the past; but sometimes it's nice when happiness makes me:)

Have a great day!!


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