Friday, May 29, 2015

Let me ride for you!!

     As we all know, Team Leapfrog was started with a leap of faith; faith "I" could ride, faith "I" could get others to join me, faith "we" could raise a lot of money for MS research and faith "we" could make a difference.  Notice how my leap of faith morphed from "I" to "we"...:)

     Well, I did ride, and many many others rode with me!  We did raise a lot of money last year and I know "WE" made a difference!  Whenever I mention riding in the Bike To The Bay more times than not, I hear "my mom has MS" or "my best friend has MS..."

     That got me thinking... I said I was riding for all those who have MS, especially those who can't ride; and until the day I no longer can, I intend to keep my promise.

      So here's what I plan to do... Whenever I run into someone who says they have a friend or loved one with MS, I'll let them know I want to ride for THEM.  If someone makes a donation I will put their loved one's name on my jersey in permanent marker and ride for them, and I plan to take them with me across the finish line.  I will also encourage the rest of Team Leapfrog to do this as well; after all, this is why we're riding!

     Please let me know if you have someone you want me to ride for and give me one more reason to ride:)

You can donate to Team Leapfrog by Clicking here.

                           These are our jerseys this year:)

My goal is 30,000.00 and I know WE can do it!

Have a great weekend!!


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