Friday, May 1, 2015

As long as I have my mascot, any shirt will do.

      When I started Team Leapfrog last year it was as simple as making it all about my two loves, and that would be pink and frogs.  My shirts were simple pink cotton tees with frogs on them, and not one person complained.  Even the guys were troopers with the corny frog laden pink "bike shirts".

     But this year I decided to let others have a say in the shirts; I was just thankful to have so many people who care.  

     A few of the avid cyclists  mentioned getting "real" cycling jerseys, with breathable fabric and pockets in the back to transport important essentials.  Don't worry, it will still be laced with frogs...

      I found a shirt early on, but the men's style had no pockets.  I'm not sure what's so important about the pockets, but I kept looking.  I found them, but pink was not an option, though this year wasn't about me, so utility green it would be.

          This is the men's version, and notice they do have pockets.  Again, that really doesn't matter because all I need is my mascot, and any shirt will be just fine...

        I think I figured out what all the craze was about with the pockets!  I can put my frog mascot in it for moral support in completing the ride!

       Okay, maybe that isn't such a great idea, but I really can't imagine going on this journey alone...   

               I know, I could use my mascot as a helmet!  Or maybe not...  But how was I supposed to make this ride without my mascot??  Everyone needs a buddy to push them when things get tough, and we just need to figure out how to keep them with us.

     So my shirts are figured out, and in hindsight, many riders said they would have been fine with the pink ones again.  But sometimes it's good to step outside the box.  

     Though it may not be possible for my frog mascot to be on the bike with me, I know my buddy will still be with me on the ride, and as long as I have my mascot, any shirt will do.

Have a great weekend!!


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