Monday, May 25, 2015

I survived my interview with Fred!!!

     So you may or may not have heard me on Fred Lefevbre's radio show Friday, and I'm happy to say I made it out of there in one piece!  Fred had me on his show several times last year to promote the Bike To The Bay, as well Team Leapfrog; which is the team I formed after a lot of encouragement last year, and because I happen to be living with the disease 30 years myself.

    By this time I was totally familiar with the routine.  I knew I would be waiting in the "green room" until it was my time to go on.

          So this was the "green room".  I have no idea why they call it that; there's not a stitch of green to be found.  Sure this place was nice and neat; but where were all the snacks?!?!  Maybe I should have been on Rachael Ray's show; I know she has them... I guess they figure if you can't survive fifteen minutes with out them feeding you, then you have a serious problem, and you might need an intervention rather than his show...

          This was Fred's side-kick; Don.  He's the guy who runs the controls and puts his two cents in every chance he gets; but I think he was really there to cut the mic if gabby guests like me run off at the mouth:)

          I think Fred thought by wearing camo he could sneak up on me and I would be caught off guard by his sarcasm, but I saw it coming a mile away...

     Samantha, from the National MS society, was also there to mention the society as well; and I was pleasantly surprised by her and Fred giving a big shout out to Team Leapfrog.  Here we were, a brand new team that raised 22 thousand dollars last year, with over 40 riders and now we're on a mission to top that this year.  

     Fred rides on his own, but knows my team is one that is out to make a difference, and we absolutely agree at the end of the day, that's what we're all there for.

     As you can imagine, none of us ran out of things to say; and believe it or not, Don never had to cut my mic!  

     But as quick witted as this man is; I can't thank Fred enough for helping me on my mission to put this MS monster in it's place; and I know one day... we will!!

Click here to listen to the interview if you missed it:)

Have a great day!!


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