Monday, May 11, 2015

I wanna go where everybody knows my name...

          I'm sure we all remember the TV show "Cheers" from way back when; the theme song was "I wanna go where everybody knows your name..."  Well in theory there is nothing more comforting.

       I've been going to Bob Evans for breakfast on Saturday mornings for a million years now, with my mom and some friends; and of course, I know all of them very well. But the thing I love most is walking in somewhere and people who were once strangers, now know you by name.  I had this to look forward to every Saturday when the rest of my life is so uncertain.

     Then a while back my mom and a few of the others decided they wanted a change of pace; however, I liked the pace just how it was... I mean, oatmeal is oatmeal, no matter where you get it; but you can only get that warm feeling where everybody knows your name if you stay in one place.

     Before long I felt the power struggle as I tried to convince them we were fine where we were.  Eventually I had to cave; in the hopes they would see I was right.

     A couple weeks ago we went to Uncle John's Pancake House for a change, and I knew if they got it out of their system we would be back to Bob's.  Well, our server, Ennis, treated us like Royalty and I also met my new friend Judy, who donated to team leapfrog, and I got to hear the amazing story about the group of gentlemen called the "romeos: or retired old men eating out".

     The next week we went back to Bob Evans as usual, and of course, even the regulars knew me; I was home again. 

     I had to admit though, I did experience that same warm feeling at Uncle John's too.  So I suggested to my mom that we try alternating between the two and maybe that will make everyone happy; so the following week it was Uncle J's again... 

     Only this time Ennis came up and hugged me and said he read my post on my blog about the "romeos" from two weeks ago and loved it!  I told him I would have put his picture in that post but I never got a chance to take one.  He told me he'll make sure I get it this time...

     Next, the busser came up to me and said "hey, you're back!" And icing on the cake... once again the "romeos" were there too, along with my new friend Judy; and I asked them if I could take their picture for my blog.  The great thing is, the picture is free and everyone loves when they get that moment of fame, so they were thrilled to pose for me.


          And of course, here on the end is my friend Judy; proud to be with these fine veteran gentlemen.
     When we were all getting ready to leave I told Ennis I stilled needed to get his picture.  I pulled out my phone and pointed it... and all of a sudden I noticed Ennis was behind me, looking over my shoulder...  In the age of "selfies" I guess this generation can't comprehend the photographer only taking the photo rather than being in it:) 

     I did realize however, I could have just as many friends no matter where I was; and the one thing I learned by stepping out side the box is, it doesn't matter where you go because people are all the same; and we all wanna go where everybody knows our name.

Have a great day!!


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