Wednesday, February 12, 2014

What does a humble girl with MS look like??

          Remember a few posts ago I had a picture similar to this titled "what does MS look like"??  Well this a picture of someone who's very grateful for so many people wanting to help my team; whether its riding or sponsoring me.

     Way back in the summer I told the folks at the Local National MS Society that I meant business and I promised I could get at least 25 riders and probably more to ride on my newly formed team.  Someone suggested I have a team goal of 25,000.00 for the 25th anniversary.  I'll admit that is a very far fetched goal and It may seem impossible, but you should know me by now; nothing is impossible until I've exhausted every effort. Just watch me try:) We can do it!!

     When I was first talking about starting a team I asked a lot of my friends and family who assured me they would ride. I know this is a commitment and I really hoped they would be able to come through for me, but I also didn't blame them if they wanted to bail because sometimes I wonder what I got myself into, not even knowing what 35 miles looks like outside of a car.

     Well my friends didn't let me down, and so many of those who can't ride for a number of reasons, be it schedule or otherwise, graciously offered to sponsor me or buy a team shirt!  Look at how many riders I have now!!  and don't forget the awesome team committee and team sponsors:)

     So now you know what a humble girl with MS looks like:)  Thanks friends!

Have a great day!!


Please join our team or sponsor us!!


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