Friday, February 7, 2014

Our first official team sponsor! Thanks Bob Evans:)

     Well, going to Bob Evans restaurant every Saturday morning for the past 5 or 6 years has really paid off!  Not only do they have great food but the staff there are the most awesome people you will ever meet!

     As a rule I always get there earlier than the rest of my friends because it's a great way to drink coffee and write my posts for this blog.  The problem however, was that the internet service was hit or miss from week to week and it was sometimes frustrating not being able to  connect.

     One Saturday I saw the general manager, Jason, doing paperwork at a table and I thought I would ask him what the secret was to getting the WiFi to co operate.  He said they had been having problems with the connection on a corporate level.  I was mentioning I usually try to write my blog for the bike to the bay while waiting for my friends (and of course I had to tell him the whole story because this just might be one more opportunity to raise money for our team).  I made sure to inquire about the possibility of Bob Evans sponsoring us.

      After our brief (okay... lengthy) conversation I asked him if there was any way of getting corporate to make an attempt to fix the WiFi for future visits, even if he had to blame it on getting this pesky lady off his back.  He said he would make sure to tell them.

     The next week like clock work the internet was running smoothly so I was back in business.  I saw Jason doing paper work again and went over to thank him for helping me.  While I was at it I reminded him of our previous conversation and mentioned my team was up and running now.  Then I asked him if he would be interested in sponsoring our team and their name would be on our shirts.  He said absolutely!  

     So it's official!!  Bob Evans Restaurant is the first of hopefully many tee shirt sponsors for our team.  Jason and I are also going to get together again to discuss other fundraising ideas with Bob Evans between now and the ride.  Stay tuned:)

Have a great weekend!!


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