Monday, February 10, 2014

Lets talk about these shirts!!


   I've said it over and over and I seriously mean it;  I have some really cool friends!  They never batted an eye when I showed them the team leapfrog shirts, the guys included.  I know they're a little crazy but in a very cute way:)

     And this isn't about looking cool, but doing something really cool for a really great cause.  You can imagine my surprise when non riders started inquiring about purchasing a shirt as well.

     So now our team is officially selling our team leapfrog shirts and even if you choose to use them to wash your car we would be so grateful if you would help us hit our seemingly impossible goal by purchasing one.

     If interested you can contact one of our team members or email me at with your size.  We're suggesting a donation of 20.00 but any additional donations are very much appreciated:)

  We're also still gladly welcoming more sponsors for our  shirts.  Please consider advertising your business and show your support!  Our goal is to have the back of our shirts covered!!

Have a great day!!


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