Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The countdown to outside riding continues


        Now that winter is in full force and we've all been staring at snow, while freezing for what seems like forever, I have to try harder than ever to come up with ways to keep from going stir crazy.  I'll find any excuse to make my way to my favorite coffee shop.  Chandler Cafe' is the cutest, quaint little coffee shop on earth.  It's right in the middle of downtown Sylvania,Ohio.

     I go there often enough that I think I should have my own name plate on my favorite high top table.  My new BFFs, Maggie and Kate are the sweetest people  you will ever meet and they were kind enough to let me snap some photos of them for my blog:)

     It's ironic how February is the shortest month of the year yet it takes the longest to pass.  As soon as March rolls around and the streets are cleared of the black crystallized snow I plan to throw on a jacket and hit the pavement again.

     For now though, I'll find anyway possible to pass the time indoors, and what a better way than with a big cup of coffee in hand!

Have a great day!


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