Friday, February 14, 2014

Time to kick some MS tail!

     Remember in a previous post I said I could pretend I'm a Ninja?  Well you and I both know that is one battle I would never win; I couldn't hurt a fly ( the fly might die laughing though).  

     However, now that I have my team under way and the wheels are turning I'm ready to do what I said I planned to do when I started this journey, and that was to try to lick MS.  

     The harder we try and the more money our team raises gets us that much closer to ending MS once and for all.

     So if you want to see me lose the goofy outfit,  please help me with my battle before I start scaring small animals or worse, I could be committed:) I guess I'm just a legend in my own mind...

Please join my team or sponsor us.  We can do this!

Have a great weekend!!


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