Monday, February 24, 2014

Time to talk about those fundraisers with Bob Evans


       So next on my agenda was to meet again with Jason, the General Manager of Bob Evans Restaurant on Monroe street, and talk about these fundraisers.  We decided if we were going to do this we may as well make it big.  Now we hope to have a meeting with some of the other managers from other locations and get them on board.  

     Of course since my big brother team "Team Sitting Bull" helped get "team leapfrog" off and rolling it's only right that they be a part of this as well.  This will be huge!!  If Reeves has his team e-mail blast and then my team e-mail blasts flyers along with Bob Evans promoting it, we can raise a lot of money for our teams!  So now our teams join forces!

We're already mistaken for twins:)

     Reeves and I will be getting in contact soon with the managers from Bob Evans to talk about which day of each month until the ride to hold our fundraisers. The people who dine at Bob Evans on behalf of Team Leapfrog or Team Sitting Bull those days will help raise money for our teams, because a portion of the proceeds will be kicked back to us for the MS Society.

Watch for details and help us team up With Bob Evans to make this 25th anniversary huge!!

Have a great day!!


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