Friday, April 18, 2014

Curiosity may kill the cat but it also gets me potential riders:)


     I told you I didn't get all of my team members by my looks; and yes, I do my share of going after my target.  But  in this case it may have been a "look" that drummed up the interest of my next potential rider.

     I was at Bob Evans Restaurant on Monroe Street Saturday morning with my mom and friends, as I do every week, and it was a busy Saturday; places to go and people to see... so as I was scrambling out the door (and remember my mind wants to move faster than my crazy leg) another one of the managers Jeff Montreuil, whom I hadn't yet had a chance to corner, asked me what I did (you know, the limp...).  In a hurried fashion I said "Nerve damage, MS:)" and was going to keep moving.  But then I backed up and said "Hey...! ya know the fundraiser you guys are doing for the Bike To The Bay??"  He said " yes".  I said "Well that's me!! Ya wanna ride??"  And he too said he was totally interested!  He mentioned asking others to ride as well! 

    How I missed this prospect for so long is beyond me, but he's in my web now!  I and if he joins my team and brings others on board too, this could be awesome!! Lets hope it works out for Jeff:)

Have a great day!!



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  1. Christine, you have the attitude and smile that makes it hard to say "no!" Congrats on adding to the team again!


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