Monday, April 28, 2014

This, you'll never believe!!

        So I'm pretty proud of myself for convincing Bob Evans Managers, my Orthotist, my boss, my brother who only rode a Harley, and even my Pharmacist into riding, but you will never believe who else I managed to wrangle... Look down... Yep!! the Sylvania fire department!! 

    Well maybe not the whole  department (at least not yet...) but Greg Wilcox and Brad Mauk, my new BFFs are seriously interested in riding!  

     How in the world did that happen you ask?!?!  Well they happened to be in DMC Tech Group, where I work, doing their routine fire inspection, and my news video, "taking MS Head on", that was on TV the night before just happened to be recorded on my phone, and I was pretty proud of it.  Of course after some idle chit chat I was showing Brad the video:)  Brad told me he almost rode in The Bike To The Bay a few years ago, and that was all I needed to hear;)

     Before long Greg joined in the conversation and mentioned his aunt has MS, and now you have to know he was in! Here's the picture, and as you know, they don't pose if they don't mean it.

     The good news is, if one of us happens to be riding so fast that we're burning rubber we have some fire fighters on our team!

Thanks guys:)

Have a great day!!


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