Wednesday, April 30, 2014

It might look like a good idea, but it always pays to think it through;)

     Just because something looks like a good idea, it still pays to think it through...

     I've spent the last nine months training for the BTTB either on a stationary bike indoors or on the same west to east bike trail that is perfectly flat.

     I decided I needed to switch it up a bit and experience some open roads to get used to the conditions I might face when I actually do the 35 mile ride.

     The first thing I did was scope out some possible routes by car, making sure the traffic was mild and there were ample bike lanes.

     One road I found had very little traffic and the speed limit was 35 miles an hour, but most importantly, the bike lane seemed to be ideal.  I clocked the route out on my odometer and from the start to my final destination it would be 1.3 miles... piece of cake!!  I've gone much further than that a million times.

     So last Saturday the weather was perfect and I knew it was the day to take this route for a test ride.  It was very smooth sailing... that was until I saw the steep hill in the horizon.  It's funny how that hill seemed non existent when I was in my car.

     You know how I mentioned my strong leg always pushed the weak one??  Well, I soon discovered that only works on a flat surface.  I managed to make it half way up the steep hill, then I started to panic a bit when I realized my weak leg had no more power left to make the rotation.  I felt that rush you get when you're on a roller-coaster and as the cars are being pulled up by the cable you get the feeling that the cable could snap at any moment... Okay, maybe that's just me:)

     I knew the only thing I could do was get off the bike and drag it to the top, and keep in mind I wasn't wearing my turbo leg (the nerve stimulater that makes my toe go up ) so I also had to be careful not to trip on my toe.  How embarrassing would it be to admit I had gotten a bad case of "road rash" and I wasn't even riding...

     This was the other side and it may not look steep but trust me it was!!!

     Once I got to the top, the hill going down was a breeze, but as I made it to my final destination it hit me that the ride home would be exactly the same, only in reverse.  I needed to find an alternate route.

     I managed to find a way home that avoided that huge hill, but it ended up being 4 times as far, though I didn't care, at least it was flat.

     At the time I didn't think to take these pictures to show you what I was talking about, but when I got home I got in my car and went back to take a photo so I could put it in my blog.  I got out of my car and took the photo and then of course I had to go over the hill and take a photo of what it looked like coming back up.

     You can see the side street coming out.  I parked my car at the corner and got out and took a picture.  As I was getting back in my car a Sylvania police car pulled up and the police officer rolled down his window.  I thought maybe I was getting a ticket for parking my car illegally (of course you'd think he would at least get out to write it...).  He asked me if everything was okay; I smiled and said "Yes, I just wanted to take a picture for... Yes, everything is great:)", and the police officer smiled and drove away.

     Just think... If I had only gone on a told him the whole story I might be looking at a Sylvania Police officer on my team...!!  That, or I could have talked my way right into a traffic ticket;)  Sometimes you just have to know when to leave well enough alone:)

Have a great day!!


* 13 abc VIDEO :) 

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  1. I definitely looks steep to me! :) It was a great idea to scope your route ahead of time, but aren't there always things that come up when you d o it for real? You handled the on-the-spot troubleshooting brilliantly!


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