Monday, April 7, 2014

This year's Black Kite fundraiser takes a twist.


     Last year before the Bike To The Bay I spoke at a fundraiser at the Black Kite Coffee Shop, and my reason for doing it was simply as a testimony from a person who has MS.  Robert Hannon, who also has MS was riding in the Bike To The Bay and I was trying to help him raise money for his team.

     This year the tables are turned.  Now I'm riding and Robert is doing this fundraiser to help me raise money for for my team!  

   So we had a meeting with Kristina from The Black Kite, which is located in the old west end, and we started planning out the details.  Last year I told my story about my life and journey with MS, and what it meant to have so many great people ride for me.

     This year my story will be different.  It will be about my life with MS and why I felt it was important to ride this year myself.

     As we got further along in our planning we discovered that not only does Kristina love to ride, but that she also knows Pat Sheehan, who is the owner of DMC Technology Group, where I work, who also happens to be on my team as well.

     What a small world!  Now Kristina wants to join our team, and she plans to give Pat a little friendly riding competition!

     Incidentally, the fundraiser at the Black Kite is scheduled for May 24th.  Look for more details to follow soon:)

Have a great day!!


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